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In recent years, our college has insisted on integrating research with production and study, to provide technical support for the equipment manufacture of Sichuan Province and the industrial transformation and upgrade of Deyang City. We have taken part in the experiment, the trial manufacture and the craft design of more than 20 key components and parts in the fields of Chinese aerospace and ocean engineering; we have fulfilled the production of over 100 sets of equipment parts for the housing of generator sets in Xiangjia Dam; we have taken many tasks of equipment overhaul and remold for enterprises such as Dong Fang Turbine Co.  Ltd. and Sichuan Honghua Petroleum Equipment Co. Ltd.We have held nearly 30 times of employees’ technological training for Aviation Industry Corporation of China and Shifang Cigarettes Factory; we completed the tourist planning design for Longju Village and Gaohuai Village in Jingyang District, and Shimendong Village in Shifang City; we also planned the Lotus Festival and the cafe in rye field. By doing all these we have made great contribution to the economic and social development for Deyang and its surrounding areas.


    Our college pays great attention to scientific research, so we keep strengthening the synergy and the innovation with enterprises and scientific research institutions. We therefore have established 11 research institutions or technical centers as Intelligent Control Research Institution, co-built “the CAS (Chinese Academy of Sciences) Advanced Manufacturing and Innovative Cultivation Center, Deyang” with Chengdu Branch, CAS and the municipal government of Deyang City, and jointly founded  Lab of Large Die Forging Equipment and Products’ Craft  with China National Erzhong Group Co. and Chengdu Longyu Co., Ltd. Since 2012, our college has totally undertaken 216 longitudinal scientific research subjects which are of the municipal level or higher, obtained a special financial fund of RMB 20.09 million Yuan, achieved 210 nationally authorized patents, successively developed 21 pieces of software for offices, enterprises and public institutions such as Science and Technology Association of Deyang City. We cooperated with Huayuan Welder, Deyang Leye Power Station Equipment Co., Ltd., and Sichuan Zhengbang Machinery Manufacture Co., Ltd. to design and develop more than 30 kinds of new products, including NC system of cutting machine, detecting system of turbine load distribution, flow slurry box for paper-making machines, service terminal for online intellectual life, and so on. By doing all the above, we created tremendous economic profit for enterprises, and played a very important role in promoting regional innovative ability and boosting industrial transformation and upgrade.