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Quality Inspection Training Center is constructed according to the guideline of “advancement, systematization, and sustainability”, and it has an established open-source education platform of cooperating with enterprises, as well as integrating various internal and external resources. The center covers over 700 square meters, and it serves as a national high-level demonstration practical teaching center which integrates teaching, scientific research, and social service. The center possesses experimental training equipment with a total value of about 3 million RMB, including one photoelectric direct reading spectrometer, two steel carbon sulfur analyzers, a suit of X-ray real-time imaging system, ten 721 visible spectrophotometer, one 751 UV visible spectrophotometer, four pHS-2C digital acidity meters, two DDS-11 conductivity meters, one polarimeter, sixteen 1/10000 electron-optical analytical balances, one 1/1000 electronic analytical balance, twenty ultrasonic flaw detectors, one magnetic particle flaw detector, two eddy current detectors, one spectrum grinding machine, and various others. These pieces of equipment can fully meet the needs of experimentation and the training of ultrasonic testing, radiography testing, surface inspection. At the same time, the equipment meets the specifications of the nondestructive inspection of national industry vocational skills training and assessment. Additionally, there is a metal material analysis laboratory, which not only provides the chemical analysis, instrumental analysis course experimentation and training, but also meets the needs of national vocational skills training and assessment of chemical analysis inspection workers.

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