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The Inspection and Testing Center is co-founded by Sichuan EngineeringTechnical College, AVIC BeijingInstitute of Aeronautical Materials,Wan Hang DieForging Plant of China National Erzhong group Co. and Chengdu Aerospace Tianyu Quality Inspection Technology Co., Ltd. to provide inspection and personnel training forthe high-end equipment manufacturing industries like aviation,aerospace and gas turbine in western China. The testing and training programs are:

1. Chemical analysis

The testing of composition analysis, micro-element analysis and air entrainment analysis of ferrous metal and their gold,nonferrous metals and their alloys, precious metals and other materials, and the training and qualification for professionals of chemical analysis.

2. Tissue detection

The micro-structure analysis andtesting of the metallographic structure,phase content, surfacestate andthe subsurface layerof materials and components, andthetraining and qualification for professionals of physical metallurgy detection.

3. Non-destructive detection

The ultrasonic testing and radiography testing of the internal defects and welding/cementing structureofmetal componentsand compositestructures;the magnetic particle testing ofthe surface defects ofsteel parts; the penetration testingand eddy current testing ofthe metal surfaceand subsurface, andthe training andqualification for professionals of non-destructive detection.

4. Short-term mechanics performance detection

The testing of regular stretching, compression, torsion, impact, and hardness of metallic materialsand itscomponents,and thetraining andqualificationfor professionalsof mechanics performance detection.

5. Fatigue performance testing

The experiment and testing offatigue property, fatigue life, precrack, and crackgrowth of metallic materialsand their components, and thetraining and qualification for professionals of fatigue crack detection.

6.Lasting creep property detection

The experiment and testing ofthe lasting property, creep property, and stress relaxation ofmetal, nonmetalmaterialsand theircomponents,and thetrainingandqualification of professionals of lasting creep.

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