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      The  Materials  Center  has  an  area  of  more  than  7,000  square  meters,   including  a Welding Test Laboratory Workshop, Casting  Heat Treatment, Forging and Pressing Training Workshop, Laboratory and other sections.  

The Welding Test Laboratory Workshop covers an area of 2016  square meters, which is completely arranged and planned according to  the actual workshop in enterprises in order to let students experience the original welding products manufacturing, accumulate actual work experience, and  shorten the adjustment  period of  employment. This workshop  is Equipped with  traveling cranes of 30 tons and  10 tons, more than 20 sets of   various kinds of welding machines,  CNC flame/plasma  cutting machines,  hydraulic  shearing machines,  three roller plate rolls,  bending machines,  turning rolls,  dis-lodgement machines  and other  production equipment  and   auxiliary  equipment.   The  configuration   can  basically   match  with   the production of heavy-equipment enterprises, both for production and for meeting the needs of students in productive training.

The Casting Heat  Treatment, Forging, and  Pressing Training Workshop covers  an area of about  3,000 square meters,  and is  divided into a  casting section,  heat treatment section, and forging section. It is equipped with a vacuum melting  furnace, ordinary melting furnace, gravity casting machine, resin sand  processing line, various kinds of heat treatment furnaces and  equipment,  closed  compressor,   forging  furnace,  supporting  air  compressor   station, lifting  equipment, and  power  distribution  equipment. All  these  meet  the needs  for  skills training, process development, trial production, and material research.    

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