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The Constructional Engineering Practical Training Center possesses a series of practical training bases, such as Constructional Engineering Practical Training Workshop, Engineering Surveying Practical Training Lab, Building Materials Lab, Architectural Mechanics Lab, Civil Engineering Lab, Reference Room, and Architectural Model Room. It is the base for practical training courses, such as the qualification of professional technical ability of bar-setter and in-layer, constructional engineering technology, project supervision, construction cost, as well as providing a guarantee for all teachers’ scientific research and technical services in our department. Garden Specialty Practical Training Center Garden Specialty Practical Training Center possesses various well-equipped practice training bases, such as the Plant Tissue Culture Lab, Edaphology Lab, Pest Control for Plant-eating Insects Lab, Garden Comprehensive Laboratory, Reference Room, Machine room, Gardening nursery. It primarily serves the teaching of experimental and training courses for the majors of Garden Engineering Technology, and the scientific research and technical services for teachers.

Professional Practice