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 1. Department introduction

     Department of foreign languages of Sichuan Engineering Technical College was comprised of International language training center, Public English teaching and research section, Economic and trade English teaching and Research Office of Sichuan Engineering Technical College and department of English of Deyang Institute of Education On March 1, 2007 they merged. Department of foreign languages, now has offices as: Basic English teaching and research section, English teaching and research section, Specialized English teaching and research section, Public English teaching and research section, and International language and culture research and service center and it's English language training teaching and research section.

     After Deyang Education College (including Deyang Branch of Chengdu University of Technology) was integrated with Sichuan Engineering Technical College, Department of Foreign Languages of Sichuan Engineering Technical College was founded on March 1st, 2007 and was comprised of International Language Training Center, Public English Teaching and Research Section, Economic and Trade English Teaching and Research Section as well as English Department of Deyang Education College. Now Department of Foreign Languages has four teaching and research sections like Basic Skills for English Major, English Major, ESP, College English and International Language Culture, Research & Service Center, which is the production-teaching-research platform of Department of Foreign Languages.



2. Specialties Setting

1. Applied English

A. Major Introduction

      Cultivating the applied foreign language talents being engaged in children's English teaching and management with good professional comprehensive quality, solid basic English knowledge; master of children's educational theories and teaching skills, with strong English language communicational skill, teaching ability and good artistic quality

B. Curriculum

     English pronunciation, English reciting, classic English reading for Children, Oral English, English listening, Comprehensive English, Psychology of children, Children’s health and health care, Children’s Education, English teaching methods and skills for children, Educational Activity Design and Guidance for children, hand-made, English nursery rhymes, Children’s paintings, Physical training, etc.

C. Employment

     Children’s English teaching, management for Primary schools, kindergartens and educational administrative departments in large or middle cities such as : Tsinghua Children's English, and Rise Subjects of English, Sichuan Sun Flying Education, Deyang Foreign Language Primary School, Jordan Kindergarten, Kid Castle, etc.

2. Business English

A. Major introduction

      Cultivating compound foreign language business talents with good occupation quality, solid foundation of listening, speaking, reading, writing and translation ability of English, and foreign business, foreign trade related theoretical knowledge and professional skills.

B. Curriculum

      Comprehensive English, English reading and writing foundation (EN), business English listening and speaking, General situation of trading country, Basis of economic and trade English, foreign trade letters, foreign trade documents, the translation of business English, business negotiation (EN), business English, foreign secretary practice, marketing, business etiquette, e-commerce, foreign trade business training etc.

C. Employment

       Vouching clerk, merchandiser , foreign trade clerk, foreign affairs clerk, administrative assistant for Large and medium-sized Business Company, joint venture, foreign-funded enterprises, private enterprises etc. such as:

Chongqing Free Trade Zone Through Logistics Co. Ltd., Chongqing Jinhui Ceramics Company, Sichuan Ruifeng International Trade, Chengdu Shuhong Machinery Equipment Co. Ltd., Hong Kong Yingjude Manufacturing Co. Ltd. Shanghai Office, Hong Kong Lang James Solar Engineering Co. Ltd., Wenzhou Aolong Electric Devices, Wenzhou Zhongyi Sanitary Ware Co. Ltd.

3. Tourism English

A. Major introduction

      Training High skilled talents with basic knowledge of English language and good communication skills, with good command of the basic skills of hotel management and tourism related practical work, with good professional ethics and higher humanistic quality for International Hotels, Tourism management and service.

B. Curriculum

      Comprehensive English, English listening and speaking, hotel English, English for scenic spots, Tour guide practice, tourism marketing, tourism product design, hotel information reading (EN), tourism Japanese, Source countries profile, introduction to hotel management (EN), reception and guest room management (EN), Western food service and management (EN), the hotel management information system and electronic commerce (EN), hotel financial management, Hotel service etiquette, hotel English translation etc.

C. Employment

       Five-star Hotels, International travel agencies and National 4A, 5A class famous scenic spots:

Jinjiang Hotel Chengdu, InterContinental Hotel Chengdu Century City, Deyang Pacific International Hotel, Pullman Hotel Wuxi, Wuxi Junlai Hubin Hotel, Nanjing Olympic Sports Center, Chengdu China Travel, China Ever-bright Travel Service, Sichuan Province Li Hong Travel Agency, Sanxingdui Museum.