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 1. Department Introduction

The Tourism management department has a first-class teacher team which includes "professors and senior professional managers" of the highest quality. With combination of full-time and part-time double-skilled teacher. There are 40 full-time and part-time teachers including more than 20 senior titles of professional teachers and 35 double-skilled teachers. Teachers have strong research abilities, rich working experiences in practical abilities and enterprises. They undertake many rural tourism planning programs in ShiFang, ZhongJiang and DeYang.

The Tourism management department has advanced facilities, fully functional tourism training center, including the tour guide training rooms, education travel agencies, the front office training room, guest- room training room, tea-art training rooms, catering (including Chinese food and western food), comprehensive training rooms of tourism and tourism planning and training rooms, etc… All of the total area is about 800 square meters. Tourism training center can fully meet the department training students’ practice teaching need and is also the base of DeYang tourism industry related professional levels of job training and appraisal.




2. Specialties Setting

2.1 Hotel Management

A. Major Introduction

This major focuses on cultivating high-skilled graduates with high quality professional ethics and professional spirit; making them grasp modern hotel management knowledge and high level service technology. They are familiar with hotel, catering and tourism enterprise management method and operation process; having the sustainable development ability and innovation ability; being capable of high star-rated hotels, large restaurants, emerging service industry and other kind of tourism enterprise management positions.

B. Main Courses

Our Department offers many courses to students, such as: Travel Service Etiquette, Modern Hotel Management, Hotel Management Software, Hotel Human Resources Management, Accounting Basis, Hotel Marketing, Front Desk and Guest Room Operation Management, Catering Service and Management, Order Food and Beverage Service, Catering Design.

C. Employment

Hotel industry is one of the world's ten most popular industries. The hotel management personnel ranked sixth in the professional of China's top ten millions of annual salary, so the supply of hotel management professional talents is in short. Graduates will mainly take the international hotel groups, high star-rated hotels, large restaurants, resorts and other related industries of tourism, tourism administrative departments at all levels work in the tourism enterprise management.

2.2 Tourism Management Major

A. Major introduction

This major focuses on training students with good comprehensive quality; let them be familiar with the tourist enterprise operation process, grasp tourism management knowledge and skills, have the comprehensive practical ability and innovation ability and be capable of travel agencies, scenic spots, hotels and other travel related enterprise management needed to develop morally, intellectually and physically qualified skilled applied management talent.

B. Main courses

Our Department setups many courses to students, such as: Tourism Management Foundation, the Travel Agency Operation and Management, Hotel Services and Management, Scenic Spot Service and Management, Tourism Marketing Practice, Tourism Accounting Basis, Guidance of the Practice of Tourism, Tourism E-commerce, Tourism Planning.

C. Employment

The professional obtains broad employment prospect, mainly facing the emerging service industries of tourism, tourism commodity production and sales, new accommodation catering, characteristic catering, tourism agriculture, tourism industry, tourism consulting planning, tourism transportation, tourism culture industry and so on. The graduates work mainly in the international and domestic travel agencies, scenic spots, high star-rated hotels, tourism traffic, tourism electricity and other tourism related businesses or tourism administrative departments engaged in the operation and management.

2.3 Foreign-related Tourism Professional

A. Major introduction

This major focuses on cultivating professional talents with Chinese and western cultures literacy and service consciousness. They are familiar with the domestic and foreign tourism market rules. They have strong expression abilities, communication abilities and innovation abilities. They have the foreign tourism professional knowledge and skills. They have practical abilities to organize cross-regional, cross-border tourism. They are capable of foreign-related tourism industry service and management.

B. Main courses

Tourism Policies and Regulations, General Situation of Inbound tourists, Outbound Team Practice, English for Tourist Group Leader, Tourism Electronic Commerce, The Modern Hotel Management, International Travel Service Management, The Chinese and Foreign Folk Custom, Foreign-related Hotel Service Technology, Guide Practice, etc.

C. Employment

The world tourism organization predicts that China will become the world's largest tourist destination and the fourth largest exporter of passengers by 2020. Tourism in our country has developed rapidly. Foreign-related tourism professional employment and the development prospect are very optimistic. After three years of professional and systematic learning, the students can have the knowledge and the abilities to fit in foreign-related tourism management and foreign affairs reception work in international travel agencies, the high star-rated hotels, scenic spots, tourist resorts and tourism administrative departments.

2.4 Development and Management of the Scenic Spot

A. Major introduction

This major focuses on cultivating the talents with good professional quality and professional knowledge. They are familiar with the scenic area service and managementscenic area planning and development, marketing and planning skills and the new forms of tourism, hotel and travel agency enterprise or business unit management. They are familiar with the scenic area development and management of operation procedure and operating norms. They can participate in tourism scenic area planning and development. They can satisfy the needs of the scenic spot enterprises.

B. Main courses

Elementary Tourism Management, Planning and Evaluation of Tourism Resources, Tourism Planning, Tourism Marketing, Tourism Commodity Development, Guide Practice (including the Scenic Spot Tour Guide), Scenic Area English, Service and Management, The Scenic Area Planning and Design.

C. Employment

Graduates in this major have great employment prospects in large tourism industries. Graduates can be engaged in the planning of tourism, tourist marketing, tourism services and management work in the international and domestic travel agencies, scenic spots, famous international tourist hotels, tourism transportation, E-commerce in tourism, tourism education and tourism administrative departments. On the one hand, it can form a "comprehensive tourism" employment view. Employment channels are wide. On the other hand, as the main flow of the scenic area, job requirements are more and more specialized with the internal division of labor is more and more refined. Professional jobs can be found in traveling special services: visitors center consulting services, scenic spot service, tickets selling and checking, transportation, accommodation, catering, public service facilities. Tourism services: reception, tour guide, business reception, public service. The scenic spot publicity, advertising, promotion, event planning, and other marketing activities. The scenic area planning and construction as a whole. Cooperate with travel agencies and other scenic area communication and contact.