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Following the industry upgrade and local economy, Promoting multi-disciplinary coordinated development by integration of production and education.









Mechanical and Electrical Engineering Department

Aircraft Manufacturing Technology

Economic Management Department


Big Dataand Accounting

Mechanical Manufacturing and Automation


Computerized Numerical Control Technology

Modern Logistics Management

Mould Design and Manufacturing

International Commerce

Materials Engineering Department

Material Molding and Control Technology

Electronic Commerce

Intelligent Welding Technology

Tourism Management Department


Hospitality Managementand Digital Operation

Aviation Materials Precise Forming Technology

Tourism Management


Physical Chemistry Testing and Quality Inspection Technology

Tourism English

Electrical and Information Engineering Department

Electrical Automation Technology

Foreign Languages Department


Applied English

Electronic Information Engineering Technology

Business English

Software Technology

Art Department

Preschool Education

Industrial Robot Technology

Art Design

Application of IOT Technology

Architectural EngineeringDepartment

Architectural OrnamentEngineering Technology

Vehicle Engineering Department

Urban Rail TransitElectromechanical Technology

Project Cost


Architectural Engineering Technology

New Energy Automobile Technology

Landscape Engineering Technology