Sino-German Teacher Training Programs

发布时间: 2021-10-13 浏览次数: 12

On June 10, 2021, Sichuan Engineering Technical College held a meeting to summarize and share the learning experience of 2020 “CEAIE-HEINZE TVET Master Teacher Training Program” and to mobilize the teachers who attend 2021 “CEAIE-HEINZE TVET Master Teacher Training Program” . Director of Teacher Development Center Ben Bozhong, vice director of Foreign Affairs Office He Dongmei and all the teachers in the programs attended the meeting.

He Dongmei held the meeting and summarized 2020 “CEAIE-HEINZE TVET Master Teacher Training Program”, and explained the schedules of 2021 “CEAIE-HEINZE TVET Master Teacher Training Program”. In 2020, six teachers in SCETC (Zhang Yongsheng, Li Zhenfeng, Wang Jing, Li Ming, Feng Yun and Cai Xiaoyue) attended “CEAIE-HEINZE TVET Master Teacher Training Program”, which lasted for 3 months. In the meeting, they shared their learning experiences and practice. They introduced German education system, German dual vocational training system, loose-leaf teaching materials, action-oriented teaching method and their practice of learning outcomes in professional teaching.

Ben Bozhong highly affirmed the outcome of 2020 “CEAIE-HEINZE TVET Master Teacher Training Program”. Suggestions and expectations were put forward for the teachers who attend the 2021 programs, and he hoped that they would cherish this learning opportunity and study hard. He also suggested that the teachers  apply their learning to teaching practice and submit learning results in the form of teaching reform practice reports. He Dongmei put forward the corresponding requirements to the teachers from the aspects of foreign affairs discipline, foreign affairs safety and study management.