Liu Yonghao, SCETC Alumnus, Awarded Medals of Reform Pioneers

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The grand gathering of the 40th anniversary of China’s reform and opening up was held at the People’s Grand Hall, Beijing, on December 18, 2018. President Xi Jinping summed up country’s success over past 40 years,charted major tasks in future and reaffirmed China’s commitment to opening up wider to the world during the gathering.

 100 Chinese were awarded the medals of reform pioneers at the gathering. Liu Yonghao, SCETC prominent alumnus, chairman of New Hope Group, was among them as a representative of Chinese entrepreneurs. 

Liu Yonghao has devoted himself to the development of SCETC over the years. On behalf of the New Hope Group and SCETC alumni association, he has set up scholarships, the Yonghao Teachers' Education Award, and donated funds to rebuild the No. 1 teaching building, which was badly damaged by the 2008 earthquake.

(Article/ Foreign Affair Office Picture/ The Cover Red Star)