International Student Project launched in SCETC

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    From Mar.24 - 27, a delegation of five Thailand Vocational colleges paid a visit to SCETC and was welcomed by Council Chairman Situ Yu and President Li Dengwan.


    On Mar.25, the consultation meeting between SCETC and the visiting colleges was held in SCETC. The delegation members from Thailand, administration of SCETC and directors of SCETC departments attended the meeting. In the opening speech, Council Chairman Situ Yu welcomed the delegators for their first visit to SCETC, on behalf of SCETC. President Li Dengwan briefed the guests about the features of SCETC’s education pattern and international exchanges, focusing on the integration of production, education and research as well as the cooperation between SCETC and the Belt and Road Initiative involved countries. Head of the delegation, Director of Lampang Vocational College, Mr.Ponlit Chindaluang introduced all the delegation members and the colleges they represented. He expressed their thanks for warm reception of SCETC and readiness to cooperate with SCETC to launch the international student project and to cultivate students of hotel management major.


    After thoroughly exchanging views on the cooperation project, President Li Dengwan and Directors of Lampang Vocational College, Chiang Rai Vocational College, Srisomrong Industrial and Community Education College and Bangkeawfa Industrial and Community Education College signed the memorandum of cooperation and the agreement of international education cooperation on hotel management. The signing of cooperation agreements marks a new stage for internationalized education of all parties.