SCETC Lecturers Accomplish Exchange Program in Germany

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       From July 31 to August 24 in 2017, three lecturers of SCETC - Wang Chunyan, Li Yanli and Li Xiaoqiang - took part in the 2017 Germany Academical Exchange Program for Aviation Vocational Colleges organized by the Teaching Guidance Committee of China Aviation Industry Vocational Education in Deggendorf Institute of Technology, Germany.


    Through four modules of the program - class teaching, special research, academical study and exchange seminar – the lecturers studied curriculum system, organization of class teaching, construction of laboratory and college-enterprise cooperation of aviation discipline in German colleges and universities. They also had seminars about the experience of German colleges and universities in professional discipline construction, teaching quality evaluation, Dual System, modular teaching, application and use of research funds, international cooperation and so on.  

    During the stay, the exchange delegation visited Ingolstadt Institute of Technology, Munich Airport, Straubing Airport, Technical University of Munich, Factory of BWM in Dingolfing, MT-Propeller Company and the Muehlbauer Group to intuitively understand  vocational education, research education, aviation enterprises, new high-tech industry and college-enterprise cooperationin Germany.

(Article/Foreign Affairs Office  Translator/Cai Xiaoyue  Photo/Wang Chunyan)